The Making of FANCIES: What is Micromodal?

The Making of FANCIES: What is Micromodal?

At FANCIES, we use micromodal as the choice of fabric to make our boxer briefs, trunks and some of our boxer shorts styles (they aren’t here yet, so stay tuned).

Micromodal is a cellulose-based fabric that is extremely soft and shiny. Micromodal is made by turning tree barks into super fine and shiny yarn through several environmentally friendly processes. The yarn is then woven into the fabric that is super soft, silky, resilient, and polished. Micromodal’s resistance to moisture and shrinkage makes it ideal for use for many of the luxury textile products available in the market today. Micromodal is an especially popular choice for high-quality lingerie, loungewear and men’s underwear.

To ensure that our product maintains shape, we also add spandex, a synthetic fiber, to our micromodal fabric, which helps to recover its form wash after wash. Our fabric's composition is 96% Micromodal and 4% Spandex.

 Micromodal Fabric in Anthracite

Our Micromodal Fabric in Anthracite (PANTONE 19-4007 TCX)

When designing our products, we strive to pick colors and prints that complement the inherent shine of the micromodal fabric. Since cotton and micromodal differ in texture, they absorb the dye pigments differently, regardless of the process used. We run color tests to ensure that the outcome is as expected based on the PANTONE selections and accordingly, we pick the most flattering shade.

We work with our partners in our community to use the most suitable and sustainable materials available for our products. For FANCIES, micromodal is a clear winner: it feels super soft to touch and makes every underwear we produce silky, comfortable, and simply luxurious.

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