5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Wear Men’s Trunks

5 Exciting Reasons Why You Should Wear Men’s Trunks

Let’s face it, we all seek a comfortable fit when we shop for underwear: we look for a roomy yet supportive form, breathable materials that are soft against our skin, and  designs that are super easy to wear. Out of so many options out there, why do men pick trunks more and more often these days? What about the every day boxer briefs or just your average tighty whities? Well, it looks like trunks have something more to offer.

Of all the men’s underwear out there, from boxer shorts to thongs, trunks fall right in the middle somewhere. They are a hybrid between boxer briefs and briefs, with shorter in leg length. You will not see the dreaded Visible Panty Line (VPL) with trunks, and yet you will still enjoy the support of a boxer brief. Looking to find out what comfort and style means for men these days? Read on and discover why trunks are the men’s undergarment du jour.

You Look and Feel “Hot” in Them

What feels better than feeling so good about yourself? Imagine coming out of the shower and putting on a pair of trunks, flaunting your figure in front of your bathroom mirror - now that’s what we’re talking about! The shorter style and look elongates the legs, giving the impression of a taller figure. They still hug at the right places, and with some color and prints that compliment your skin tone, you can feel confident just wearing trunks. No matter what you wear over them - pants, shorts, denim, anything – trunks will still give you the perfect shape and the required support where you need most. Needless to say, trunks will surely give your manly confidence a huge boost.

They Are Ideal Sports Underwear

Many men have at least one sports that they’re obsessed with, whether it’s football, basketball, running, riding or good old pumping iron at the gym. We all know that underwear make an important component of men’s activewear. Wear the wrong underwear and you may end up with rashes and burns. If you are sporty and looking for optimal performance, you should give trunks a shot. Trunks are lightweight yet supportive, and can be worn even under compression tights. Trunks will not ride up or become bulky, distracting you in the middle of your game. You will not only feel and perform at your best out there in the field, but you will also look good when you take your clothes off in the shower room! So go ahead and get a pair of trunks for your next athletic adventure and boost your game!

No More Embarrassing Undies Peeking Out

Trust us, it’s really not that attractive at all when your long johns peek from your shorts. Summer weather calls for thinner materials and shorter shorts, and no one needs to see your underwear – or your panty lines. Sure, you could go commando, but for a more sensible choice (and to protect against any painful zipper accidents - ouch!), you should go for trunks. According to our survey, 35% of men prefer to wear trunks during the summer under light linen pants and short shorts. Trunks, especially in nude skin shades are the way to go for those white linen pant ensembles – you can find a pair that matches your skin tone at FANCIES.

They Come in Different Materials

Well, this one is super important because not all materials and fabrics work with trunks. Because trunks are short and have a slim fit, look for those that are made of elastic and breathable fabrics. Cotton is not a good choice for trunks – you can be sure that it will lose its shape after a wash or two. Watch out for those made of large percentage of polyester – they tend to not work well in humidity and often cause skin rashes. At FANCIES, we use sustainably produced micromodal: a moisture-wicking, breathable, and silky soft fabric that maintains its form wash after wash.

They Are the Go-To Underwear for That Date Night

You have a hot date and have the perfect outfit lined up. How about your underwear? Men state that they feel more confident, whether it’s a date or an interview or an important event, if they have perfectly fitting, clean clothing in luxurious materials, and underwear is no exception to that. Trunks are short, slim fitting, and complimenting to any figure but especially those with shorter legs. Accentuate your thigh muscles: even if you have missed a few leg days, wearing trunks will draw the attention to the right places and make you look strong and sexy. Pick a design with animal prints and you will look and feel second to none.

So, The Bottom Line Is...

Trunks are a great new alternative for those who are looking for comfortable yet sexy men’s underwear – as long as they’re not cheaply made. At FANCIES, we give utmost importance to quality and strive to produce luxurious yet affordable underwear choices for men. Boxer briefs are a great choice for every day wear, but for those looking for a practical and sexy style, trunks may just be the answer. Take a look at our collections of trunks in earthy colors and tiger prints, with motivating messages such as “You Got This”, “Dominate” and “Rule The Day” – trunks are just for that!

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