7 Gifts for Men for Any Occasion

7 Gifts for Men for Any Occasion

Another holiday season is around the corner and the man in your life hasn’t said a peep about what they want from Santa.

Gifts for men can be hard to shop for, especially if your guy is a stoic creature, or is extremely picky, or unpredictably lands somewhere in the spectrum.

Do you get them something they need? Something they want? Or something you want for them, that they may never end up using?

Buying gifts for men can be a challenge, but not with this list! If you’re having a hard time coming up with some gifts for the men in your life, check out our recommendations below for some inspiration.  

Update their tech

Do their headphones still have wires? Their phone charging cable wearing a turtleneck? Do they have a cracked iPhone screen? 

Seize the opportunity to buy them an update.

Wires? Who needs them?! There are tons of Bluetooth headphone options to avoid the tangles of wires.

Wire turtlenecks? Get him a new charger he can depend on with a wireless charging station.

Cracked screen? Not here! Splurge on the latest update on the new iPhone, Samsung, or Pixel. 

Anything related to their hobby

Encourage your man’s hobbies in life by gifting some supplies.

If they’re an artist, maybe some new paintbrushes and paint.

Do they love to workout? How about a new pair of sneakers to motivate them.

So your man excels at watching television on the couch and drinking? Wrap up a 6-pack.

Nothing says “I love you” like supporting the activities they enjoy.


This unconventional gift is probably the most thoughtful. Surprise your man with fresh flowers to show your love!

Just imagine his face when a flower delivery man arrives at their office and all the women think the delivery is for them. 

Your man will be the belle of the ball when the office realizes the giant bouquet of flowers are for him!

For a more personal touch, deliver them yourself.

Flowers are definitely a gift some of the men in your life have not yet received.


Socks get a bad rep for being a lame gift, but who doesn’t love warm feet?

Whether they are funky, practical, or warm, you can never have too many socks.

Surprise them with the gift of warmth - maybe throw in a foot massage if that’s their thing as well.


They’ve been eyeing the front row seats to that band you don’t like, but it’s for them not you.

That rivalry sporting event they’ve been on the fence about? Buy the tickets.

Give the gift of a great memory by purchasing tickets to the experience they’ve been daydreaming about for some time now.

So how do you make the gift even better? Go with them!

Treat them to food

They say the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach. Which everyone knows is a fact.

Find out their favorite food and treat them to a romantic, decadent meal at their favorite restaurant.

Maybe take them to that new place they’ve been wanting to try.

Or better yet, cook them a meal.

Even if you burn cereal, surely, they would appreciate the effort and the sentiment of a nice delivery meal.


You guessed it! Last but not least, underwear.  

Typically, the first thing you put on when you’re getting dressed, and last thing when you are out of our clothes, underwear is the most used clothing item in our lives.  

Not to stereotype, but do men ever buy new underwear? Why isn’t new underwear included in all the ‘Gifts for Men’ lists?

This versatile gift for men is great for any occasion of gift-giving. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even Father’s Day - a man always needs new underwear. 

Sick of their dirty tighty whiteys? Encourage them by purchasing a new style they wouldn’t try themselves.

And of course, for ideas, check out the sassy styles here at FANCIES!

Bold animal prints for the wild ones? Check. Gorgeous shades for the traditionalists? Check. Super soft, silky materials? Double-check. FANCIES are men's underwear that don't fall down, that don't ride up. 

As an added bonus, they come with entertaining messages on the inside!

Remind them how much you love them, or how much they love you, in case they are ever forgetful. Tell them they are the love machine in your life. Encourage them to kick it up a notch.   

They may say “Noooo!” to the red-hot leopard print at first, but once they put them on, it’ll be hard to take them off!

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