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Behind the Message: FANCIES Underwear

Ever wondered what's the inspiration behind the entertaining and quirky messages on FANCIES underwear? Here they are all! Enjoy!


    For self: Remind yourself that you love her  / him / that special someone - not that you're forgetful!
    For him: Remind your man that he loves you - not that he needs a reminder!


    Turn on your inner "Beast Mode". According to Merriam-Webster
    "Beast mode refers to the aggressive, animalistic persona that one might assume when in competition or combat in order to overpower an opponent.
    The term alludes to a trope in video games in which a character “powers up” into a stronger, superhuman form that allows them to fight (often after collecting a special token or eating a particular food). The New Republic attributes the phrase to Altered Beast, a game manufactured by Sega in the late 1980s.
    “Beast Mode” also became a nickname in the 2010s for NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, due to his ability to power past blockers."


    1: to have good luck : to succeed because of good luck
    We thought all the tickets might have already been sold, but we got lucky—there were still a few left when we arrived.
    2 (informal)to succeed in finding or getting someone to agree to have sex with one
    He's hoping to get lucky tonight.
    Source: Merriam Webster


    1. A variation of the phrase "Work Hard, Party Hard".
    2. Title of a song by Alex M. we wish we hadn't heard of.  
    3. To engage in activities with excess excitement. 


    1: Flexible and old Austin Powers character who eats flakes of his own skin and loves everything that's gold. 
    2: A symbol of status, an aspirational category of many loyalty programmes. 
    3 (informal): Large in size.


    (slang, metaphor) A person who takes part in long sessions of love making.
    You're not going to get any sleep, because I am a love machine.


    Song by Lil' Kim feat 50 Cent
    Album: La Bella Mafia

    "I got the magic stick
    I know if I can hit once, I can hit twice
    (I am the baddest chick)
    (Shorty you don't believe me, then come with me tonight)
    (And I'll show you magic - what? What?)
    Magic (Uh-huh, uh-huh)"


    1. An extremely attractive person. 
    2. Title of a 2000 film we have yet to see, starring the great Ben Kingsley. 


    A song by Marvin Gaye. For the ultimate effect, put on your silky voice. 
    Let's get it on
    Ah, baby, let's get it on
    Let's love, baby
    Let's get it on, sugar
    Let's get it on


    Inspired by the epic song by MC Hammer and the video that has over 550 million views and counting. 

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    Size Chart

    Our boxers and boxer briefs follow European sizing. Use a measuring tape to measure around the natural waistline (typically just around your belly button). 

    Our Size Waist in cm Waist in inches
    Small 71 - 76 28 - 30
    Medium 79 - 84 31 - 33
    Large 86 - 91 34 - 36
    X-Large 94 - 99 37 - 39
    XX-Large 102 - 107 40 - 42

    If your measurement falls in between sizes, we recommend going a size up or down depending on the fit you prefer. 

    Alternatively, use our Size Finder below to estimate your size! Find the range for your weight and height, and we will estimate your FANCIES size. Again, please go up or down a size depending on the fit you prefer. 
    FANCIES Size Finder