Men's Underwear and What Your Style Says About You

Men's Underwear and What Your Style Says About You

There are many types of men’s underwear, but what does yours say about your personality?

Men’s underwear has just as much variety as women’s underwear do nowadays. From boxers to briefs to boxer briefs, there are features to each style that are important to why we wear them.

In this article, we help decode the meaning behind each men’s underwear style to reveal what it says about the wearer.


Everyone needs a little support now and then, even men. We all want our sensitive parts to be cared for and supported, both figuratively and literally.

If you wear the classic briefs, then you prioritize what’s most vulnerable to you. Everything is in check. While briefs have gotten a bad reputation in recent pop culture, nothing can beat the classic.

This type of men’s underwear is perfect for skinny jean rockin’ men, practical men, and sensitive ones.


If you wear boxers, you’re probably a free spirit. All you need is some fresh air and coverage and you’re good.

In addition to your ‘free spirit’ needing some fresh air, you’re most likely a playful man as well.

Boxers have more fabric than their counterpart the brief, therefore allowing for more playful prints. With more fabric, you are able to add a little more character to your underwear.

Boxers are perfect for the man that likes to hang loose.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are for the modern man. They are proof that men’s underwear fashion has evolved.

It’s got the best of both a brief and a boxer. The man who wears boxer briefs likes to feel supported when vulnerable but isn’t afraid of letting loose every now and then.

You are also a versatile man. As boxer briefs are great for both a looser fit pant or a sharper-looking pant. They’re great under workout gear as well. But buy the wrong pair that rides up, and you’re in trouble. 

Boxer briefs are perfect for the man who’s flexible and dependable, who’s into fitness and fashion. 


The practical man wears thongs. Sure, you might think a flamboyant one does (which might be true) but you can be both flamboyant and practical.

Think of it this way: women wear thongs so their undergarments don’t show under their clothing. With minimal coverage, a woman can basically wear any type of clothing while wearing a thong because you don’t have to worry about panty lines.

The same idea applies to men. If you’re a thong-wearing guy, you probably aren’t too fussy and have no time for bunched up boxers.

How tacky would it be when you’re wearing your brand new tailored pants to the office, only to have your brief line showing.

The boys would definitely not invite you to happy hour.

Similar to the boxer brief, however, you are versatile and practical.

Thongs are perfect for the man who does not want to worry about their underwear.


The sexy and logical man wears trunks. Trunks are like boxer briefs but are only 1/3 down the thigh instead of half.

This man basically bears it all but keeps in mind that he has jewels to protect.
Other types of men’s underwear offer coverage for the athlete or chill dude, but this type of underwear is sexy.

And any man that wears trunks, knows it.

When it’s time to take the trunks off, this man knows that for their partner to undress – they gotta show a little thigh.

See? Sexy and practical.

This type of underwear is perfect for the man who wants to be ready for anything.


If you’re a jockstrap wearing man, you’re probably rather vain. Either that or an athlete.

There’s not much reason to wear a jockstrap when you could just wear a thong. That is if you’re not an athlete.

Therefore, if you’re not an athlete, you probably just love to show off your junk in the front and in the trunk.

You might be a little insecure as well, as you felt the need to wear added protection in everyday life.

A jockstrap is perfect for the athletic men who love their derrière even though it might not be as tight as they want it to be.


If you’re sporting the bikini, then you’re probably confused.

The bikini is somewhat conservative, supportive, and depending on its fabric, can fly under the radar.

Sure, there’s less coverage than boxer briefs and trunks, but more than a thong – yet there is something quite unremarkable about the bikini.

It’s the most indecisive option.

The man who wears a bikini most likely doesn’t know who he is and hands down is the one reading this article right now.

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