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We are live!

It’s been a long journey and we are finally here!

For those curious about our why, here’s our story. We always wanted to create our own men’s underwear brand, and thanks to the creative ideas of a legendary retail master and friend, the brand FANCIES was at last conceptualised. Designed in Singapore and Turkey, and made exclusively in Turkey, FANCIES combines superior quality with style and fun. 

Behind the Concept

We are a small atelier based in the Aegean region of Turkey. We’ve been producing for large brands for many years (see Our Atelier page) and we felt that it was finally the time to design and manufacture our own brand. We always wanted to manufacture men’s underwear as we saw a huge gap in the market: good quality often meant big brands and big bucks, and it surely doesn't have to be that way. 

Do you like wearing another man’s name on your underwear? We don’t! Sorry, Tom Ford. We also don’t like paying so much to wear some man’s name on our waistlines. USD $145 anyone? We knew that our product had to be luxurious - just like the designer underwear brands out there, so we had to use superior quality materials. Being in the heart of Turkey, the headquarters in quality textile manufacturing, we knew we had an advantage.

We have always believed less is more. We did not want our branding or logos to be prominent on the garments we produced. This became even more important when designing the underwear we wanted to make. We believe that when you get naked to your skivvies, nothing should be distracting the view.

To find out what style of underwear to make, we reached out to our network with a short survey on men's underwear (we'll publish those results here at one point as well). Majority of our respondents preferred boxer briefs and that's how we came up with the choice of initial launch style.  

Finally, we wanted our brand to differentiate from others. We wanted to be associated with courage and possibilities, with big moments and special occasions. We wanted every man to think of our product for a date night, for a big night out, for that job interview, for a major rugby game - whatever the occasion may be. And we wanted to support our customers with special messages for them and only them. And we wanted to do that by placing funny, motivational, inspirational messages and reminders inside the underwear, visible only to the wearer (unless of course he wants to share the message with others!). 

FANCIES Boxer Briefs in Anthracite: I LOVE MY WIFE


We are luxurious. We use superior quality materials and fabrics to make FANCIES. There are no tags, no rough edges - we promise you won't feel your FANCIES! 

We are affordable and sustainable. We are a family business with full ownership of our supply chain. From the design to packaging, we have control over our quality and costs. We are here for our local community, and we are here for good. 

And, we are fun! You guessed it right - our logo is a hat with rabbit ears, representing the element of surprise in our product. All FANCIES come with witty, funny, motivational, and yes, sometimes cheesy messages - for a pleasant surprise for the wearer!

What to Expect? 

We have just started, and we couldn’t be more excited. We do realise that there is a long road ahead. You will see more messages, more styles, more unique colours and prints regularly. Follow us on social media, give us your feedback on our products, and join our community to create next FANCIES with us!

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Size Chart

Our boxers and boxer briefs follow European sizing. Use a measuring tape to measure around the natural waistline (typically just around your belly button). 

Our Size Waist in cm Waist in inches
Small 71 - 76 28 - 30
Medium 79 - 84 31 - 33
Large 86 - 91 34 - 36
X-Large 94 - 99 37 - 39
XX-Large 102 - 107 40 - 42

If your measurement falls in between sizes, we recommend going a size up or down depending on the fit you prefer. 

Alternatively, use our Size Finder below to estimate your size! Find the range for your weight and height, and we will estimate your FANCIES size. Again, please go up or down a size depending on the fit you prefer. 
FANCIES Size Finder