6 Things To Do With Your Partner While Staying At Home

6 Things To Do With Your Partner While Staying At Home

It’s week three for some, month three for others. We are homebound, and while the first few weeks were new and exciting, the cabin fever has started to set in. All of a sudden, you are spending A LOT of time with your partner. After all, there’s only that much Netflix binging and museum hopping you can do together. Looking for different ideas to spend time together with your other half? Here’s our top six. Enjoy!

Plan your next trip. Or five.

Travel restrictions will get lifted eventually. Where will it be for you two lovebirds? Get inspiration from the movies you’re watching or the novels you’re reading. Set aside a dollar amount you want to save for your upcoming travels – by not commuting to work or buying that 7 dollar latte every morning, it won’t be that hard. Pick top three things you want to do each, mix it with family visits, or bring friends along. Go somewhere completely new, or back to your favorite spot. The possibilities are endless!

Self-care for two.

Mani/pedis, full-body massages, rehydrating facials… It’ll be a while till we can get professionally pampered again, but there are still self-care rituals that can be easily practiced at home as a couple. Soak your feet in some hot water, cut some cucumbers for an eye-mask, light an aromatic candle, put on an oriental tune. It’s not Movember, so what’s with the stubble? Shave for a change this week – you can go back to “man in quarantine” look the week after. 

Dress up time!

Your sweatpants have made a comeback for you both. Great. Time to give them a break. No matter how comfy they are, no one looks good in sweatpants. No one. Dig into your closet and try on things. Mix and match outfits, put on items that do not go together, throw on a monotone ensemble. Pull that tux out and have a romantic dinner together – why not! It’s not like you’ll be going to a wedding party or a charity ball anytime soon. And if something doesn’t fit, has stains, or you haven’t worn it in the last year, get rid of it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can have a donation pile ready to go for those less fortunate, especially these days.

Ready, Set, Bake!

Unleash the Nigella in you. Deliciousness… gorgeousness! Cooking, especially baking can be extremely therapeutic, or stressful, depending on the personality. Try to recreate a childhood recipe or a dish you’re your favorite bakery. If you’re looking for inspiration, many celebrity chefs share their favorite at-home recipes in their social media feeds. Divvy up the tasks, or better yet, turn it into a competition! Use healthy ingredients, or be naughty and smother everything in butter and cream – Paleton is there to the rescue either way. Make it a three-course menu, and you’ll get two days of meal planning out of the way.

Extreme Makeover: Livingroom Edition. 

Ever wanted to give your pad a makeover? Who knew you could order paints and brushes online? Look through design magazines for inspiration, visit Pantone.com for color palettes and looks. We love animal prints, and they’re everywhere! Keep an open mind, try on new colors, mix solids with prints. Use textures, accessorize, move your furniture around. You’ll get a good workout and possibly a huge boost of endorphins from having unleashed your inner creativity. Just don’t get into a fight over this. And make sure to take before and after photos for your “Day XX and Look How Creative and Fun We Are” Instagram post.  

Couples that shop together, stay together.

Staying at home does not mean you can’t go back to your favorite past-time: shopping! Many stores have online retail shops these days and most have affordable shipping options – some are even free! Wink, wink. Instead of visiting high-end labels, discover small, independent, unique brands and boutiques. Small businesses, like us, need the most help – especially now. Since you’re already here, perhaps you’ve read about our story. There are many other sustainable brands out there like us, trying to ensure the longevity of a craft. Look for portals that carry a large selection of labels, or browse Instagram. And of course, for a wide variety of luxurious, comfortable, affordable, fun and sexy men’s underwear, check out our collections! No one can have too many pairs of boxer briefs, and no man says “No Way” to a pair of super soft red hot boxer briefs that remind him what a “Sexy Beast” he is. Happy shopping together in confinement!

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